Play sport? Manual job?

If you got injured or were signed off sick….

How would you pay your bills?


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Sports insurance doesn't always have a scary premium!

Peace of mind.

With DAY 1 COVER , peace of mind may cost less than you expect. Our combined work and sports insurance covers you for accident, illness and injuries at home, work and play. NO EXTRA COST for high-risk sports or jobs.

Does your existing policy…

Pay out until you retire?
Pay out from the 1st Day you’re signed-off?
Allow repeat claims for the same injury or illness?
Guarantee you continued cover after any claim?
Cover you for your sport and your job?
Cover you for any accident, injury or illness?
Cover you for fingers, thumbs and even the flu?

… no? Our policy does!

What makes our Work and Sports Insurance different?

Rugby is covered as one of our favourite sports and includes day 1 cover in all policies.

Pays out from Day 1 for financial peace of mind.

Manual jobs are covered with our policy

No extra cost for extreme sports and high risk jobs.

Motorcross insurance with guaranteed continued cover.

Guaranteed continued cover after any claims.

Our income protection insurance policy pays out until you retire.

Pays out until you retire for long term security.

Our insurance is available to self-employed people. Thats' rare!

Available for both employed and self-employed.

You're covered in your sport AND at work.

Covers you for any accident, illness, and injury 24/7.

Protect Your Income with Accident & Sickness Insurance

Whether you’re employed or self-employed (even in a high-risk job), play sports (including extreme sports) or maybe have a dangerous hobby, then protecting your income is vital to ensure that you can still pay your bills. Income protection insurance covers you financially in case you are unable to work due to an accident, injury or illness no matter how it occurs. The policy even covers broken fingers, thumbs and the flu and can even pay out from Day 1. You can claim as many times as you need and in the unfortunate event of your not being able to return to work this policy will continue to pay you an income until your occupational retirement age. We provide income protection insurance that is surprisingly affordable and offers financial peace of mind when you are signed-off from work. Subject to underwriting, Terms and Conditions apply.


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