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Hundreds of thousands of people every year are signed-off work due to an accident at home, work, or through sport, or are signed off through long-term illness or mental health problems. The unfortunate reality for many is financial hardship, bad debt etc, as State benefits alone are not sufficient. If you have rent, mortgage and bills to pay, the most important thing you should insure is your income.
No, this policy is very comprehensive. Instead of covering you just for football injuries / rugby injuries / motocross accidents etc, this policy will cover you 24 hours a day for any illness and any accidental injury at home or at work, as well as from sporting activities.
YES… infact this policy covers you 24/7 no matter what you are doing… working, playing, even relaxing!
Yes, as long as you have been signed off work.
This is the best you can get! When you are off work for more than 3 days your claim will be back-dated to the 1st day you were signed off.
In the event of a claim payments will continue for as long as you are unable to return to work, right up to your occupational retirement age.
No. As long as you maintain the monthly premiums there are no limits on the amount of claims you can make – even for the same injury.
No, and you can claim as many times as you need for the same injury or illness for as long as you keep the policy in place.
If you are signed off work for longer than a month your policy premium will be paid for you until you are able to return to work. Any periods of less than any one full month will be adjusted pro-rata.
No, Once you take out your policy it will remain in place for as long as you require it, it is a rolling policy and does not require renewing.
No. Previous injuries and illnesses may still be covered, subject to underwriting.
Yes. These can be paid in addition to your policy benefit for the first 6 months of a claim.
Your employer’s benefits may only last for a certain period of time and you could be off work for a long time. Benefits from this policy can be tailored to start paying out when your employers benefits cease. Please contact us direct for a quote.
State benefits won’t provide you with enough money to get by comfortably. Whilst the Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) provided by the Government or Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) provided through your employer (if you are eligible) may be sufficient to help you manage in the short term, these benefits may not even be enough to cover your rent or mortgage repayments.
No. Whether you have a mortgage, rent a property or live with family & friends, anyone can apply for this policy.
At the outset of the policy you can select an option for benefits to be index-linked.