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Rugby injuries are common and can easily cause financial problems for Rugby League or Rugby Union players who suffer from accident or injury. CoverMonster provide specially selected rugby insurance policies to cover players at home and abroad, so you can hit hard with peace of mind. Guaranteed instant cover starts at just £1.18 per week. 24/7 protection at work, rest & play.

Covers you for any injury, accident or illness – on or off the pitch!

Just £1.18 per week will cover you for any injury, accident or illness; on or off the pitch!

How it works

Rugby InsuranceOur Rugby Injury policies give you cash when you are injured and we have 3 types of cover to chose from. The Basic Injury Plan is the cheapest way to get guaranteed, instant cover and with prices from just £1.18 per week, you can understand why it is so popular. This policy will pay you a cash lump sum for broken bones, fractures and dislocations, as well as money when you have to stay in hospital. If you prefer a policy that will give you ongoing monthly payments, so you can keep paying your bills, we have two of those to choose from! The Short-Term Income Protection policy offers guaranteed acceptance, with no medical questions and no proof of income is required to either get covered, or to make a claim. This policy will provide you with up to 12 monthly payments, when you are signed off work due to injury or illness. How much would you need to pay your bills every month if you were off work? Simply choose between £300 – £1500 per month. It does not matter what you actually earn, as the level of cover is not based on your income. With optional extras, you can even add £10,000 of life and or critical illness cover and, for those that are employed, redundancy protection cover can be added too! As the name suggests, the Long-Term Income Protection policy offers the ultimate in financial peace of mind. It will pay you, 65% (or a lesser amount of your choosing) of your actual pre-tax income, each month ongoing, until you are fit enough to return to work. Should the worst happen and you are signed off for a long time, this policy can keep on paying you, every month, right up to your occupational retirement age. The Long-Term policicy will pay out from day one and the Short-Term Policy is back dated to Day 1 after the 14th day of injury or illness. With a choice of three policies, we are proud to offer a solution that works for each individuals need.

PLUS + FREE Multi-Sport cover is included as standard in all three policies, as well as covering you on or off the pitch, even at work – Financial Protection, whatever you play or do!

We understand Rugby and the risks involved for players, particularly for people with manual jobs who rely on their fitness to earn their income. Where other insurers may decline insurance due to this risk, our policies are specifically selected to accept all sorts of jobs.

  • Covers you at work and home
  • 24/7/365 cover
  • Available to employed and self employed

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Shopping around?

Finding the right insurance policy for you can be a daunting task. Download our cover checklist as a handy list of the most important questions you should ask insurers.

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CoverMonster offers specialist rugby insurance policies for rugby players at home and abroad. Our policies are carefully selected to offer the very best value for money, so you can play with the peace of mind that should you get injured – you will still have an income.

We understand Rugby and the risks involved for players, particularly for people with manual jobs who rely on their fitness for their income. Where other insurers may decline insurance due to your job, we have a policy to suit anyone.

Our policy covers people who play rugby at any level, professionals not included. Our definition of ‘professional player’ is anyone who derives an income from playing their sport.

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